IdeasPlatter is a platform to submit any idea or thoughts that come to your mind which has the potential to become a great product. You can select three categories in which you want to ideate in , match the skills required for the ideas and form teams. The ideator will decide based on a set of Q&A whether a person can join a team.

You can check ideas in your subscribed categories, "like" them and also send collaboration requests by answering the ideator questions, all anonymously. Ideator receives those requests and either can accept or reject them. You will get to know team's identity (and vice versa) only after you are a part of that team.

Once you are a part of a team you can comment, discuss business models and see your idea and work translate itself to reality with a proven Business Model Canvas way. This helps in validation of your team's idea, and answer questions before you take any further steps in the idea and there by product building.

Happy ideating!